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Wassim Abou Nader


Beirut Office
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone : + 961 1 38 48 11
Mobile: + 961 70 420 413

  Why Recommended


  • Wassim Abou Nader has achieved a PhD in Banking Law from Université Panthéon Assas Paris II, which he obtained with distinction and congratulations of the Jury with a further subvention for publication granted from the French government.


  • Wassim has been teaching as a Professor of Bankruptcy and Credit instruments and Drafting Agreement Skills in several Lebanese Universities.


  • He has also taught for several years Banking Law, Credit Instruments and Corporate Law in French Universities.


  • Prior to establishing A&T Law Firm, Wassim worked in the biggest international and regional law firms where he started as a junior associate in Paris, moved after to a senior position in London and returned back to Beirut as a Partner in a regional law firm.


  Relevant Experience


  • Worked on a cross border investment related to electrical plants in Juba, Uganda and Ghana (value $6.6 million).


  • Acted on a major litigation between a European airline company and its Lebanese travel agent (value $600.000).


  • Acted on the acquisition of an African telecommunication company under financial difficulties (value $9 million).


  • Structured the investment related to the establishment of a fishery activity (value $1.1 million). 


  • Involved in the legal work related to the acquisitions of a small fleet of private jets  (value $45 million).


  • Prepared all the legal documents for a private equity transaction related to the acquisition and investment in a water treatment company (value $3.5 million).


  • Drafted and assisted in setting the proper legal framework for a start up project related to the tobacco industry in the Arab countries (value $8.7 million).


  • Acted on rescheduling different loans granted to a fishery company in Sierra Leone and on  the corporate restructuring of said company (value $16 million).


  • Provided the legal structure for a medical clinics project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (in  the region of Riyad, Ihsa and  Jubail). (value $3.2 million).


  • Drafted all legal documents pertaining to the financing of different trading transactions in the cotton and paper material (value $1.1 million).


  • Prepared all the legal documents related to the acquisition of a private aviation company (value $7 million) (distribution arrangements, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, fuel supply and numerous operational issues).


  • Provided all the legal support including due diligence and legal documents related to the acquisition of a small loan company (value $5 million).


  • Assisted on the legal due diligence for the acquisition of an Islamic Lebanese Bank by a major investment group (value $62 million) and drafted all the related legal documents.


  •  Prepared all the legal documents for a debt acquisition of an insolvent real estate company (value $54 million).


  • Drafted several legal opinions for major American and European Investment banks related to their compliance with the Lebanese financial regulations.


  • Assisted a major European investment company in its acquisition of a large size dairy production in the UK (value $12 million).


  • Drafted all agreements related to a restaurant chain acquisition in Dubai (value $10 million).


  • Provided various advice for a large UK bank acting in Lebanon in regard to its legal day-to-day issues.


  • Acted on shares acquisition and transfer for one of the biggest pan Arabic bank.


  • Drafted memorials for a Lebanese Bank in its different litigation files.


  • Assisted in drafting the Lebanon - Protecting Investors 2011, 3012 and 2013 survey for the IFC world Bank.


  • Assisted in drafting the Lebanese chapter for the Lexis Nexis publication 2011  “Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture and Recovery and Compliance”.


  • Drafted several agreements for a major Gulf group in connection with their ongoing business, mainly their real estate investment and food products acquisition and distribution.


  • Advised companies from the Gulf for a loan related to service facilities acquisitions in France (value $15 million).


  • Contributed in the Banking Lebanese doctrine through periodically publishing articles in the Lebanese Banks Association.


  • Assisted in a memorial submitted to the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) (value $30 million).


  • Assisted in a mediation procedures related to a hotel investment that took place in South Africa (value $40 million).


  • Counseled Gulf companies in connection with their ongoing contractual relations in France.