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Bassel Tohmé


Beirut Office
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +961 1 384811
Mobile: +961 3 782392


  Why Recommended



  • Bassel Tohmé graduated from the Lebanese University - Filiere Francophone de Droit – Beirut with a Bachelor Degree in Law.
  • Bassel obtained a Master in “Arbitration, Litigation and Alternative Disputes Resolutions” from the Pantheon Assas University (Paris II) France and the Lebanese University.
  • Bassel is a member of the Beirut Bar Association and the “Arab Society for Intellectual Property” Amman – Jordan.
  • Bassel brings to the A&T Law Firm a wealth of regional experience with focus on Commercial and Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate and Construction, Arbitration and ADR.
  • Bassel has also an extensive experience in Criminal and Civil cases and in Islamic Family Law matters.



  Relevant Experience
  • Established and registered all types of companies and branches in Lebanon and offshore foreign companies.
  • Drafted all related documents to companies including increase and decrease of capital, transfer of shares, transformation of company's types, liquidation…etc.
  • Assisted and advised companies in issues related to its business plan and management strategies.
  • Advised and provided legal consultation for Foreign Companies intending to open branches in Lebanon regarding the procedure and necessary documents needed to obtain work permit and residency.
  • Registered Branches for foreign trading and import Companies in Lebanon.
  • Established and managed foreign companies in order to acquire boats and vessels.
  • Advised on tax and liability benefits for real estate companies in Lebanon.
  • Advised and provided consultations on companies structuring for major Lebanese companies.
  • Drafted a due diligence for a major real estate Lebanese company established in the 1960s.
  • Advised on Trademarks, patents and copyrights registration and protection.
  • Advised and handled cases regarding IP infringement and anti-counterfeiting.
  • Registered Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Designs for a Lebanese Company specialized in Waste Water treatment.
  • Assisted Lebanese investors in negotiating real estate projects in Lebanon and abroad.
  • Handled and managed real estate assets portfolio for Lebanese Investors.
  • Advised on FIDIC Contracts and construction Agreements for International Companies.
  • Advised numerous Multi-national and local companies in the Gulf Area relating to the Real Estate and Construction Laws.
  • Handled real estate cases including real estate succession in Lebanon and Abroad and disputes related to common property.
  • Negotiated and managed debts for Lebanese Businessmen before Lebanese Banks.
  • Advised and drafted consultations for an international Bank regarding “Numeric Accounts” in Lebanon.
  • Handled several projects related to Islamic Banking.
  • Negotiated, drafted and reviewed several agreements such as sales agreements, partnership agreements, leasing agreements, joint venture agreements, franchising and distribution agreements, marketing agreements, employment agreements, non-disclosure and non-circumvent agreements.
  • Provided advice regarding the Arbitration in the Administrative Agreements.
  • Advised and drafted a Comparative Table regarding the Arbitration laws between the UAE and Lebanon.
  • Assisted and advised on a successful case regarding the Beirut Seaport Piloting Station valued more than Two Million USD.  
  • Drafted statement of claims and conclusions related to important Penal and Criminal issues such as forgery, fraud, rubber checks for many clients.
  • Represented a Lebanese wife who was victim of an attempted murder by her husband. Successfully secured a divorce award and an indemnity of $2.5million, along with obtaining full custody rights over her children.
  • Handled many successful cases regarding the Islamic Family Laws such as marriage, divorce and succession, tutelage for different clients.
  • Provided legal consultations regarding the competence of the Lebanese Jurisdiction in divorce cases.
  • Provided legal consultation regarding the employment laws to Non Governmental Organizations.